Rolling Porta-Potty

Lucy and I love to travel and we do it whenever possible, but, for us, there is one major drawback to traveling.  Lucy will not use a public restroom in anything less than a life and death situation.  I do not exaggerate.  If we are less than a day’s drive from home she will wait until we get home.

We have solved that problem by buying a motor home.  A rather expensive solution I know, but my idea of pulling a flatbed trailer behind the pickup with a Porta-Potty strapped to it  was not taken seriously by Lucy.  So we have a small motor home or large van if you prefer, see photo on Home page.  It is very nice and most importantly it has a little “private” bathroom.

Now there are a few things to learn before using a rolling restroom and we have learned some of them the hard way.  There are a variety of chemicals you need to keep on hand and they are not all created equal.  For example, if you use one that contains formaldehyde, you cannot dump your tank in California.  If you do, you become an instant lawbreaker.  I’m unsure how they would trace the sewage back to Lucy and I, but I would not put anything past the CSP, (California Sewage Police), so why risk it.  Another thing we learned is that you need to use special toilet tissue.  Aside from the fact that it costs three times as much as Charmin, it’s not a big deal, though it has a couple of it’s own drawbacks.  It is quite thin so you have to use more of it and be gentle to avoid tearing it.  It is supposed to break down easily to it’s component parts, making it easier to dump from the tank.  The trouble is that I really believe one if it’s component parts is cement.  Lucy and I confirmed this by parking the van a few days in hot weather without dumping the tanks.  A few days from now we hope to have our van back from the repair shop, but we fully expect to be several hundred dollars poorer.  This was a lesson we will not soon forget.

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