Pre-Trip Leg One

Well Christmas is over. We had Christmas eve at home with some of the kids and grandkids, then Christmas day we spent getting the van packed and organized, and then to Portland for Christmas with another batch of kids and grandkids. It was fun, but exhausting and we are about to turn in. We are spending tonight in the van in the driveway of the Portland kids. Lucy is already in bed at 9:22 pm. This is a sign that she is exhausted. She is usually up till at least after Lenno. After she climbed in to bed and I was preparing to write, she realized she still had her contacts in. I reached her eye paraphernalia for her and the next thing I heard was, “don’t move, I dropped a contact”. That marked the beginning of a very difficult and frustrating 30 minute search, which ended in unsatisfactory results. I decided to give up the search and began writing. In about 2 minutes she announced triumphantly “I found it!”. I asked where it was and she calmly told me that it was in her eye. “what?”, I exclaimed. “How did you not know it was in your eye?” she said it was hiding in a corner. Oh well.

We plan to have a leisurely morning and then take our second leg of the pre-trip to Gig Harbor. there we will stay for one or two days, visiting with some new friends.

From there we will head to Port Townsend, which is a quaint little harbor town on the banks of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. More about that later.

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2 Responses to Pre-Trip Leg One

  1. Mikel says:

    Travelling with contacts….grrrr… lol

  2. Carl VanHuss says:

    Have a safe trip. Enjoy your time on the road. I will be waiting for your updates.

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