Pre-Trip / Leg Two / Gig Harbor Washington

The drive, Portland to Gig Harbor, was not the pleasant drive we hoped it would be. Unlike our plane for the real trip, it was mostly on the freeway. That in itself would not have been terrible because southern Washington is a beautiful place with lots of amazing things to see. The problem was that the traffic was horrible and the drive was treacherous. There were apparently lots of folks in a hurry to get home from spending the holidays at grandma’s house. It was an amazing thing to witness. The cheerfulness and kindness of the season had obviously been forsaken less than 24 hours after the blessed event.

At any rate we actually survived it and arrived safely at a restaurant where we had made arrangements to meet out new friends. We had a very nice dinner and a pleasant conversation. The restaurant was called “The Tides Tavern”. It is situated right on the Puget Sound next to a very nice marina. It was late in the day and nearly dark so all the boats were in harbor for the night, making for a picturesque view with a combination of small leisure sailing craft and fishing boats.

The food was very good, but I can only report first hand on my meal. It was quite simple, which is sometimes the best. It consisted of linguine in a white sauce with bits of onion, sweet peppers and smoked salmon. It was quite delicious, and would have gone well with almost any white wine, but alas, I was the designated driver and had to be content with a glass of water with a Lemmon wedge. Actually that was okay. It complemented the meal very nicely.

The lack of wine with my meal also served another purpose. As the others sipped their drinks and loosened their tongues, I was content to sit and smile and take it all in. You would be amazed what people will say after two glasses of wine. But I will never tell, at least not until I devise a way to profit from my observation.

We are in the driveway of the neighbor of our friends, who was very gracious to allow us to park for the night. I am about to turn in myself, but I want to let you know that we did not see much of Gig Harbor because of the darkness. Tomorrow we plan to have a look around and I will attempt to take some photos to share.

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2 Responses to Pre-Trip / Leg Two / Gig Harbor Washington

  1. Rick Boyd says:


    Is that the same restaurant that we visited with you on our trip to Victoria?

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