More about Linda

In a previous post I mentioned a little restaurant in Neah Bay Washington. I said I would write more about Linda later.

Neah Bay is a fishing village situated on the Macah Indian reservation in the far northwest corner of Washington state, just north and west of the Hoh rain forest. On the main street of Neah Bay is a little restaurant called Linda’s Wood Fired Kitchen and Bakery.

It just looked like a little yellow house and that is precisely what it was. We entered into a small dining room with two long tales in the center and two tables along one wall. It was sparsely decorated with some local art and newspaper clippings. We chose a table along the wall and I grabbed a book about Indian whaling from a shelf above the table. We could see the kitchen through an opening in the dining room wall and in the back wall of the kitchen was a brick oven that looked like a pizza oven. Arched and open with a grate and wood fire going strong below. There was a shelf of freshly baked bread. It appeared to be mostly a pizza place, but as we spoke to Linda we found out that she could make most anything we wanted. We both settled on a smoked salmon and green salad wrapped in a tortilla and grilled. It was excellent. We also had a bean and vegetable soup, also excellent.

Lucy and I are both lovers of smoked salmon and Neah Bay is famous for smoked salmon. When we were at Neah Bay on another occasion we found a man smoking salmon in a little shack and bought some. This time the little shack was there but had a sign on it saying “not open”. I don’t think I have ever seen a “Not Open” sign. We were a bit disappointed. But the disappointment did not last. Lucy struck up a conversation with Linda as Lucy often does. We asked Linda about the man in the shack with the smoked salmon. Linda said, “oh him, I’ve been smoking salmon since before he was born. He doesn’t even really smoke it. He just puts it in a barrel and lets is cook. If you want real smoked salmon I have some I smoked this morning.” In further conversation we found out that Linda had lived in Neah Bay most of her Life. She and her husband live there and she has the restaurant open 11 months a year. She closes it for the month of January to go to Minnesota, ice fishing with her best friend. She said her husband stays home, because he does not want to go and listen to two women clicking their teeth. I think she means talking, but I’ve never heard it put that way. When we asked more about the man in the shack and his salmon, she told us, “I have been smoking salmon here since before he was born. Many years ago I joined the Peace Corp and went away for 5 years. When I came back the young man was famous for his smoked salmon, which isn’t really even smoked, hurumph!” “I still smoke salmon and cod whenever a fresh catch comes in and mine is really smoked”. We bought a loaf of bread and some smoked salmon and left. We recommend Linda’s Wood Fired Kitchen highly. The food is great and the bread and smoked salmon are also excellent. Most of all though, Linda is a real kick.

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1 Response to More about Linda

  1. Terri says:

    Linda sounds like a very colorful character. I love the small fishing towns. I’ll have to wander up that way sometime and visit her restaurant.

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