New Years Eve 2011


Another fairly long drive today. We got up in Lincoln City Oregon. The plan was for friends from the Willamette Valley to meet us in Newport for lunch. Unfortunately, snow and an accident in the mountains between the valley and the coast prevented them from driving over. Since we had some extra time we decided to try to get to California tonight.

We drove. The drive along the Oregon coast is nothing short of breathtaking. For our Oregon friends, no description is necessary, for our inland friends it is one of those things that only a cliche will suffice. That cliche is; “you have to see it to believe it”. Photos help some, 3d movies are a close second to being there, but you must be there to experience the immense power and extravagant beauty of it. A few photos are below but do not do it justice. If you can get there, do it. I have been to many places in this world and have not seen its equal. We live only an hours drive from that coast so we have seen it many times but we never tire of it. One little point of interest; we crossed the highest bridge in Oregon, 350′ above Thomas creek along US 101 in Southern Oregon.

So we arrived at a small Indian casino just 3 miles into California. I have not had a chance yet or check out the history or culture of the local tribes, but I will make the attempt before we leave the area. Coastal northern California is famous for it’s giant redwood forests. We are looking forward to spending the first day of 2012 appreciating the majesty of a forest containing trees that were saplings when Jesus walked among us.

Meanwhile we are attempting to celebrate New Years Eve with a casino full of friendly strangers. Lucy is out in the casino trying to lose our children’s inheritance. I am sitting in the bar writing and enjoying some good music and adult beverages. It is about 1 hour till 2012. I am sitting here wearing a purple top hat which states without subtlety “HAPPY NEW YEAR” on its front. On the table are two noise makers waiting to be used for ringing in 2012. I am very optimistic about 2012. I believe it will be a very good year. I don’t know if the economy will get much better and I don’t expect the politics to be any friendlier, but I know one thing for certain. I can and will have the best year it is in my power to have.

Happy New Year
11:45 pm December 31, 2011







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1 Response to New Years Eve 2011

  1. Mike Weaver says:

    Hey, Harvey and Lucy, just checking up on you. Linda and I drove from Newport to Florence the same day you did. You are right in that words can not do it justice. Absolutely beautiful. Hope your trip continues to be good, and be safe.

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