San Francisco


January 4, 2012

We woke this morning early after a rough night. Our furnace decided not to work. I think we overworked it that last few nights and it is rebelling. We headed out early and were bound to get to SF. We were also still determined to go there on State 1. At Santa Rosa we took State 12 back over to the coast and drove along Tomale Bay for what seems like hours wondering when we were going to see the ocean again. It was actually about 45 minutes. When we finally got to the end of Tomale Bay we hit road construction for about 10 miles, then we began to climb and twist and turn and cringe at the edge of drops to the sea that appeared to be hundreds of feet. No guard rail, the road just barely wide enough for two vehicles. The vistas were spectacular but difficult to enjoy with the fear of plunging to our deaths on the rocks below as our tires slipped off the edge. It seems to have gone on for a long time. It may have been a 20 mile stretch, but at 12 mph that takes a bit of time. I recommend the drive for the breathtaking vistas, but if I ever do it again it will be in a vehicle no larger than a Fiat. I repeat, it is not a drive for the faint hearted. When we finally got into town we stopped for a rest and Lucy helped pry my fingers off the steering wheel.

We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco and headed for Golden Gate Park. At Golden Gate Park we went for a walk. The weather was pleasant and sunny about 65 degrees. We had some lunch and then headed for San Leandro. San Leandro is a city just south of Oakland across the bay from SF. As a child, my family lived there for a short time. I think I was in the 2nd grade, but I had fond memories of the house there and the adventures I had in the neighborhood. With the help of my brother Bob we found the house and it had not changed in the least. It was a fun jaunt down a path of pleasant childhood memories.

To get there we had to cross the San Mateo bridge. This is a 6 lane bridge that spans 13 miles across the SF bay. When we left we crossed it again. It is another marvel of engineering.

We headed back to the coast to State 1 and to a campground at a place called Half Moon Bay. This is another place I have fond childhood memories of. We are sitting in an RV park right on the bay. We had a nice dinner and Lucy made one of her famous creations for a light dessert. It was simply raspberries, whipped cream and a little philo pastry, very delicious and pleasing to the eye, see photo. It was dark when we arrived, but we can clearly hear the surf on the beach. I anticipate more fond memories in the morning when I see the beach. And then south again along the central coast to seek more adventure in warmer climes.




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2 Responses to San Francisco

  1. Carol Vincent says:

    Hi there, its Bill and Carol from Arizona. (jan7th) We had lunch with Lorane and Sam last Saturday. Talked about Quartzsite, hope we are able to see you there! Bill and I will be there Jan 22nd-29th at Rice Ranch. Its $7 to dry camp and $30 for full hookup. You don’t have to drive and try to find a place to park there. Your right in the middle of all the action.
    Lorane will be there also, but not sure how long they plan to stay at Rice Ranch. Look them up on the web for details.

  2. Lorane & Sam says:

    What a ride. The food looks too good if you know what I mean!

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