The Freeway and the Dog Beach

The Dog Beach

Saturday, January 7, 2012

We got up relatively early this morning and headed out from Ventura.  The theory was to get through Los Angeles as early as possible on Saturday morning while people were sleeping in, before they venture out for Saturday activities.  Well, if this is LA freeways when people are not out and about much, I do not want to experience them at peak times.  One thing that kept messing me up was trying to stay in the slow lane.  There is no slow lane.  Most of the time there are 5 lanes or more on each side, rarely only 4 lanes, but often 6 or even 7 lanes. You don’t dare drive in lanes 6 or 7 because they keep ending and starting up again. If you drive in lane 5 people will pass you on both sides and if your route takes off to the left you might have to get across 3 or 4 lanes to get off this freeway and on to another. All major highways, mysteriously become freeways when they get anywhere near LA county.  I read that there are nearly 10 million people in LA county.  I think they were all on the freeway this morning. I have not done the math to conirm this, but I think if you took all the freeways in LA county a stuck them together side by side, you would have a parking lot the size of Nebrasca and still nowhere to park.  The parking spaces would all be filled with Mercedes, Lexus, Beamers, Jaguars, and various other vehicles for which I would have to liquidate all my assets to make the down payment.

Anyway we made it through and got off the freeway and back onto SR1 on the coast.  We ate lunch at a little Saturday farmer’s market at a place called Sunset Beach.  We were planning to go to the beach for a walk ater, but there was no parking place.  So we headed south again and came to a state beach at Huntinton Beach.  We drove into the parking area where there were plenty of spaces to park, but as we drove in we encountered a man in a booth next to a sign that told us at least 20 things you could not do on the beach.  The main thing that caught our eye was “No Dogs on Beach”.  The man in the booth was there to collect a fee for parking.  He was a very pleasant fellow and sympathized with our delimma.  He was probably a dog owner himself.  Given another 15 minutes with him Lucy would have known that for sure, along with his name, his wife’s name, the names of all his children and pets, and if he preferred boxers or briefs.  Unfortunately there was a line of non dog owners in cars behind us and we felt it was prudent to move on.  But not before he informed us there was a dog beach just a little further south.

So we left the people beach and headed south for the dog beach.  There was limited parking at the dog beach, but we were able to find a space.  We paid our $3 for 2 hours of parking (they are very fond of thier asphalt in Southern California) and started walking down a very nice walking trail along the beach.  It was very pleasant but we wanted to get down to the beach.  The walkway was about 20′ above the beach and the banks were covered with boulders.  We kept walking in hopes of finding some access stairs.  After all, there was easy access down to the people beach.  Finally we came to an opening in the fence which gave access to a path at an angle down the cliff, no stairs, just a few sandy places to step between the rocks.  With great care we picked our way down the path.  LaKisha had no problem with this descent into heaven (for her).  It reminds me of something C S Lewis once wrote in a book called “Mere Christianity”.  I have to paraphrase.  He said it was easy to see how God could conserve space in some cases by making heaven and hell the same place.  The example he gave was that heaven for fleas and hell for dogs could easily be the same place.  I’m not saying that this beach was hell for Lucy and I, but we could see by the look on a face or two that they were indeed in hell.  We actually had a very fun time and as I said LaKisha was in heaven. She was actually salivating. Maybe some of you savvy dog owners out there can tell me what that means.  There were dogs everywhere and not a leash in site. It was a great couple of hours.  All three of us got some great exercise.

Then back in the van and south along the coast.  SR1 winds along the coast through lots of beach communities all sort of hooked together.  Without the signs it is impossible to tell when you leave one and enter the next.  I have to say it was an interesting drive but it became a little monotonous after a while.  At some point it joins up with I-5 and it’s a short drive on into San Diego.  We found a casino that allows overnight parking in a place called El Cajon, just a few miles east of San Diego.  Outside of Vegas, this was the largest casino I have seen.  It was two stories and the first floor was split level.  I was impressed.  Lucy went off and did her thing while I went in search of a bar.  I had a hankerin for an adult beverage, which I found, but was a little taken aback when I ordered a scotch on the rocks and the tab was $8.

Back to the van for a good sleep.  Back to San Diego tomorrow to an RV park with all the amenities.  We have some chores to do and I have to work a couple days.  It will be a nice 3 or 4 day break from the road.

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