San Diego


January 8 Through January 12, 2012

I have not written for these 4 days because I have been working. We pulled into an RV park in Chula Vista, California. Chula Vista is a town south of San Diego. It is actually the last town you come to before you leave the USA if you are traveling south. I actually lived in Chula Vista for about a year more than 30 years ago. I remember it being a quaint little town then. It is now just a big suburb of San Diego. I was unable to find the apartment I lived in, but I did find the place I worked. Unfortunately it was a completely different business. I worked in a book store / news stand, now it is a novelty store I think. We did not stop in. It was called 3rd Avenue News then, now I could not even tell for sure which storefront it was. C’est la Vie.

The park was very nice and right on San Diego Bay. It is called Chula Vista RV Resort and Marina. The first day we arrived there we did laundry and in the laundry room we met Arlene, Ron, Pete, and another fellow whose name escapes me. Arlene, it turns out is an artist and she lives with Ron on his boat at the marina. Pete and the other fellow may have been a couple but we did not ask. It seemed that Pete may have been doing laundry for the two of them. C’est la Vie. Anyway we overheard Arlene and nameless guy talking about a gallery they had just opened at the marina for local aspiring artists. Lucy asked about it and we visited the following day. It was nice and there was some interesting art there, but Arlene was not there. We saw some of her art though and it was quite good. We might have bought some art, but the wall space in the van is a bit limited.

We also went to a restaurant at the marina called “The Galley at the Marina”. The food was good and the pseudo outdoor atmosphere was nice but it cost us $58 to get out of there, and we just had soup and salad.

The next 3 days were not worth writing about. I worked and Lucy did chores and took walks and cooked wonderful things. I still intend to write about the creative RV friendly and delicious meals Lucy is coming up with, but that will be a separate post. I am gathering photos and recipes and will post it at a later date. Stay tuned.

I worked outside the van at a picnic table most of the time, but there was one morning that I had to move inside because of the chill in the air. I can work in the van, but it is a little cramped and I have to move whenever Lucy comes in or leaves. On the other hand, how many people can work at their job while traveling across the country? I will never complain about little inconveniences.

Well maybe one little complaint. I need a good Internet connection at certain points in my work. It is essential. RV parks, including this one advertise free wifi. Free is good, but in some cases that is about what they are worth. At this park the wifi is so slow that Lucy and I had dinner and raised a child while I was waiting for a file to download. Luckily, I was leery of this very thing, so before we left, I added a feature to my phone called a personal hotspot. Sounds sort of sexual I know, but it has been a lifesaver to my work here in San Diego. It uses the 3G on my cell phone to create a simulated wifi connection on my computer. It works great. Not as fast as a good wifi connection but good enough. Just a note for fellow travelers, I have found that the best and most reliable free wifi connections are at Starbucks. Hmm, I wonder if I can get Starbucks to pay me for saying that. Not likely I guess. I understand that McDonalds also has good free wifi, but I try to avoid those.

So we drove around San Diego today and went to Coronado via a little strip of land separating the Pacific Ocean from the San Diego Bay. Coronado is called an island but, technically speaking it is not an island because it is connected to the mainland by this same little strip of land called The Silver Strand. But Coronado is a great place to visit if you are quite wealthy. There are high rise apartments (condos?) there that would take me 835 years to pay off if I paid all of my earnings toward it. There is a very impressive old hotel there called the Hotel Del Coronado. Again, if I scrimped and saved for a year I might have enough to dip my toe into one of the swimming pools. We ate at a restaurant called Miguel’s. It was back in a little Spanish courtyard across the street from the hotel. Lucy had the fish tacos and I had the chili verde. The food was delicious. On the other hand almost anything is okay after a pitcher of Margaritas. Everything, that is except for a $62 tab.

Tonight we are at another casino for their free overnight RV parking. We went into the casino and had a bite to eat and now are about to hit the sack. This casino is owned and operated by the Viejas band of the Kumeyaay(pronounced Koo-My with emphasis on the Koo) Indians. They have a fascinating 10,000 year history in this area.

The Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians, one of the remaining 12 bands of the Kumeyaay Indian Nation, resides on a 1,600-acre reservation in the Viejas Valley, east of the community of Alpine in San Diego County, California. The Viejas Band is recognized as a sovereign government by the United States, with which it maintains a government-to-government relationship.

Click below to read a short history. It is worth the time.

Tomorrow, off toward Yuma AZ.






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  1. mike koslosky says:

    Why I’ll be darned. If you haven’t been the smartest travelers I’ve ever known! Training LaKisha to drive while you work on the computer is priceless. I see she needed to turn around and ask you for directions but I can’t tell if her paws are still on the steering wheel.

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