Desert, wind, and Walmart


Saturday and Sunday January 21 and 22 2012

One thing I didn’t mention yesterday was the contrast in landscape we experienced as we climbed to Bisbee. The saguaro and cholla disappeared and were replaced by yucca plants. There was the occasional yucca in the Sonoran desert, but as we climbed toward Bisbee yucca became the dominant plant, (aside from the sage brush of course). The Sonoran desert is also home to three species of tree that I did not mention before, Mesquite, Palo Verde, and Ironwood. They all can act as nurse trees to saguaros. The most interesting one to me is the Ironwood ( )
At any rate these plants disappeared and were still gone as we left Bisbee and headed for New Mexico. The drive across this desert was a little boring. The yucca plants helped break the boredom and the wind made it a bit of a struggle for the driver.

Somewhere in that desert we crossed the continental decides. This is the line that divides the continent into two watersheds. All of the waters east of this line shed toward to Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. All of the waters west of the line shed toward the Pacific. There are a couple of exceptions to that as described in the following link.
I noticed a discrepancy in this article link. The author says the Mississippi River flows to the Atlantic, when in fact it flows to the Gulf of Mexico.

We arrived at last in Las Cruses just before dark and were pleased to find that the Walmart welcomes RV boon dockers.

We had a rather leisurely day today. We got up and did our morning chores, a little shopping at our gracious host, Walmart, to stock up on supplies. While shopping, I made a little discovery about New Mexico liquor laws. You can buy liquor in almost any store in New Mexico, but not on Sunday mornings. As I was walking through the store I noticed that the liquor isle was blocked off. As I moved around in that area of the store two people who asked me for the time, which was 6 minutes and 5 minutes until noon respectively. As I walked on I watched as these people stood near the liquor isle waiting. From this I surmised my earlier statement. I did not hang around to verify my theory.

We drove on south to El Paso, just a few miles down the road, but in Texas.

We had lunch at a bar and restaurant in El Paso called Lucy’s. It was an interesting and pleasant experience. We entered the establishment to find that it was a sports bar and Mexican restaurant. See photos. Lucy, being a modified vegetarian, ordered fajitas without meat. The poor young waitress did not understand her and went to get help. Another, older waitress appeared and apologized that the girl did not understand and asked for our order. Lucy said she would like the fajitas without meat. The lady said, “chicken then?”. Lucy said no meat at all and the lady got a puzzled look on her face. Lucy had to explain that she did not want beef or chicken, no meat whatsoever. From this exchange I surmised that, in Texas, if it has no horns, it is not meat. Anyway she got the idea. I ordered Tampiquena, which is steak with green chilies and onions.

We were both very pleased with our lunches. They were excellent and we highly recommend Lucy’s. (4119 N Mesa St. El Paso, TX.) we learned a couple of things there about Texas. One, Texans are very passionate about their football, and two, the green salsa will burn out your taste buds.

We drove a little south, not far, and found another gracious Walmart. I was planning to replenish my supply of cheap scotch there, and this lead to some information about Texas liquor laws. You must go to a specially licensed liquor store to buy anything more than beer or wine, and you cannot do that at all on Sunday. Oh well, I was not planning to have a drink tonight anyway, I just wanted to patronize Walmart for allowing us to stay free in their parking lot. Instead I bought some soft drinks and a summer sausage for snack time.

There is a funny story about our quest to find this Walmart tonight, but I am too tired right now to write it. See tomorrow’s post. I did want to mention one little oddity though. We noticed it in Las Cruces and also in El Paso. Someone has played a big trick on them and turned all of their traffic signal lights on their sides, see photo. I don’t think it hurts anything, except possibly if you are color blind you need to know that the green is on the right instead of on the bottom where it belongs. Luckily, whoever played that trick was consistent in making sure that they tipped them all over in the same direction. Now someone must inform the color blind people or else tip the lights back upright.








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  1. Judy says:

    I wonder if the wind blows a lot, hence the traffic lights sideways. If so, we need them in Waldport!

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