Corpus Cristi, Texas


Monday January 30, 2012

Today we work up to rain, hard rain. We did our morning chores and left the Port Isabel Walmart bound for the Corpus Cristi Walmart. We had just paid for 3 nights and when we get to San Antonio, we will have to pay for another 10 nights, so we feel the need to get a few free nights in between.

The drive from Port Isabel to Corpus Cristi is only about 2 1/2 hours so we wanted to see a few things along the way. We decided that whenever it was possible we would cut over to the coast to see what we might find. Oddly enough, in that 130 mile stretch there is really only one road that goes to the coast and it ends there. It is about 23 miles over to a place called Port Mansfield and the same 23 miles back to the highway. As it turned out it was well worth the drive. What a very different place Port Mansfield is. In most respects it is probably like a lot of Gulf Coast towns. There are boat docks and boats and pelicans perched on pier piles. We actually don’t know if it is typical, but we can verify that theory after our stay in San Antonio.

Now for the thing that is different. As we drove into town Lucy spotted a small deer beside the road. I slowed down so she could get a photo and noticed on the other side of the road were 3 or 4 more deer grazing in a park. Looking farther ahead we saw more and more of these small deer. Some had antlers and some not, but they were all quite small. As we drove on through town we noticed that there were small deer everywhere. They were in front and back yards of the homes, on the sidewalks of the town, leisurely walking across the streets everywhere we looked. I have never seen anything like it. There was a curious lack of people in this town and we were beginning to hum the theme music from Twighlight Zone when we saw some folks wading out in the water fishing. Curiously enough, they were about 100 yards out in the water and the water was barly thigh high. You see some interesting things on this south coast.

When we were finally able to drag ourselves away from Port Mansfield, we drove the 23 mils back to the highway and continued on to Corpus Cristi without further incident. We pulled into the Walmart parking lot and are now settled in for the night.







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