Corpus Christi to San Antonio


Tuesday January 31, 2012

We got up this morning, did our morning chores and headed out to explore Corpus Christi before driving to San Antonio. Since we are both ocean addicts, we decided to go out to the islands separating Corpus Christi from the Gulf of Mexico. Like South Pedro Island, they are just narrow strips of land about a mile or so from the mainland. Unlike South Pedro Island, they are not as pretty and hospitable. We crossed over from Corpus Christi on high, narrow bridge with a rough surface. We then drove north on Pedro Island until a small bridge took us onto Mustang Island. The drive was on a 70 mph highway with nothing to see on either side except 18 miles of sand and scrub. The water we did see was shallow and marshy and even stagnant looking at times. Finally at the north end of Mustang, we came to a little town called Port Aransas. There we found a beach that was hard packed and we drove out onto it along with many other cars and trucks and RV’s. the beach was beautiful but it seemed a little spoiled by the machinery. Anyway we left there and started back when we noticed that you could go back across to the mainland via ferry instead of driving back the length of the island. We wondered how much it might cost, but we crossed our fingers hoping it would not be too much and got in the line waiting to cross. We kept looking for signs indicating the toll, but did not see anything. We were sure that after we were on the ferry someone would come along and demand a king’s ransom for the ride. It did not happen. The ride was free. We were pleasantly shocked. So we arrived safely back onto the mainland at a place called Aransas Pass.

We had planned to take it slow and find a place to stay somewhere between Corpus Christi and San Antonio, which is really only about a 2 1/2 or 3 hour drive. Here is the problem: when you dry camp there are certain things you have to take into consideration. One very important thing is that you have to periodically dump the bad water and replenish the good water. There are only certain places you can do that if you are not in an RV park. We have a book that tells us where we can do that across the country. We were well away from Corpus Christi before we discovered that there was no place to dump untill we reached San Antonio. So we decided to take the freeway instead of town hopping and making it a two day trip. We did veer from the direct route once to see a town called Beeville. The name was intriguing, so we took the 18 mile detour to see what we could find. What we found was a very depressed little town of about 12,000 people. We tried to find a part of town that was not run down and unkempt, but we failed. We did find a very nice park called 10 Acre Park. It was large and green and deserted. We were there alone. We let LaKisha run a little and then drove the 18 miles back to the original route. We found a dump station at a truck stop in San Antonio and now we are at another Walmart for the night. Our 10 day reservations for an RV park in San Antonio does not start until tomorrow so here we are.





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