San Antonio Texas, Day One

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We woke up at Walmart, did our morning chores and headed out to get some things prepared for the next few days in San Antonio.  Of course we are not familiar with the city so looking for things like dog groomers and doggy day care can be a challenge.  LaKisha needs a hair cut and wash in a bad way.  Harvey needs a hair cut and a beard trim in a worse way.  Lucy, of course, always looks great, but she insists she needs a hair cut, manicure, pedicure, and such.

We found a dog groomer/doggy day care in one, and considered this a great find.  We asked Gizmo how to get there and she began to direct us.  As it turns out, the place, called Lucy’s, is about 12 miles due north of downtown.  Now that in itself would not be so bad, but it also turns out that our RV park is about 12 miles due south of downtown.

The only way to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time is to use the freeways.  And there are plenty of freeways in San Antonio, and they are always busy and they are always 65 mph.  And 65 mph is not fast enough for for about 20% of the drivers on these freeways.  Also for these same drivers, lane changes do not require turn signals, nor do they require more than 6″ of clearance between bumpers.

Okay, enough about traffic.  The reason we are here is to visit with Lucy’s friend Barbara and her daughter Trina and Trina’s son Ben.  They are here to attend the graduation from Air Force boot camp, of Trina’s son Trevor and Trevor’s girlfriend Sarah.  We will also be attending Trevor’s graduation.  Anyway, after our preparations and some exploration of downtown San Antonio, we arrived at the RV park where we will be staying for the next 10 days.

Barb and Trina and Ben, got settled into their hotel room and then drove out to see us.  We had a very nice visit, made some plans for tomorrow and they went their way and we went to bed.

Just a little about this RV Park:  It is quite large and very nice.  It is called Braunig Lake RV Resort.  The setting is country and there is a small lake around which the RV sites are located.  Now the reason we found and chose this park is a pretty amazing thing we found called Passport America.  We had never heard of it until the night we stayed at Marathon.  If you are following along you might remember that town.  Anyway as Lucy went into the office at the Marathon RV Park to pay for our stay, there was a man in front of her who was also paying.  Lucy noted that the man was charged only $12.50 for the night.  She thought, “wow this is great”.  When it was her turn to pay, the bill was $25.00.  She enquired of the attendant as to why she had to pay double.  She was told that the man before her had a Passport America discount. We Googled it and found that it was only $45 per year and there are nearly 1,800 parks in their system.  There are some restrictions and they vary from park to park, but upon further research we decided to join.  I joined online that very night.  This park was our first opportunity to use it and it saved us $255 for the 10 day stay.  If you are a traveler with an RV it is a must have.

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3 Responses to San Antonio Texas, Day One

  1. Dee Curry says:

    Harve and Lucy, I am enjoying your posts! Hope you are having fun! Dee

  2. mike koslosky says:

    Harvey, your remarks about the drivers in San Antonio reminds me of the comment a Londoner once told me upon my visit to the Motherland ” red lights are simply a suggestion here” she replied.

  3. Marcus Swearingen says:

    Me and braxtin have decided that we wanna go on a “Circling the USA” trip asap. We are planning on circling in either a VW bus or a airstream, whichever comes first. Looking forward to more blogs.
    Miss you…Keep on a drinkin. Whoop whoop. 🙂

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