San Antonio, Texas, Days Two and Three

Thursday and Friday, February 2 and 3, 2012

Woke up this morning, did our chores, and headed for Lucy’s for LaKisha’s grooming appointment.  The plan was to drop her off and then meet Barb and Trina and Ben for lunch, then do a little site seeing and pick up LaKisha and head home.  We wanted to go downtown and have lunch on the River Walk.  The trouble is there are really no places to park a vehicle like our van near the River Walk.  So we dropped off LaKisha, found a Walmart to park in and Trina and Barb and Ben picked us up.  After some indecision we decided to go on downtown, park at their hotel and walk down to the River Walk to have lunch.

It was really a pretty short walk even considering we did not quite know where we were going and took a wrong turn or two.  It is quite a scenic walk, but I’m not going to tell you about it now.  We are planning to spend a full day there on Saturday so I will tell you all about it then.

We found a restaurant called Rita’s.  “Rita”, as it happens is short for Margarita.  The food was good and it was outdoor seating which was nice as it afforded a view of the river just a few feet away.  We had some fun but it was cut short by a phone call telling us that LaKisha was ready to be picked up.  So a harrowing drive back to the van at Walmart on the freeways at rush hour, and another harrowing drive in the van to pick up LaKisha and another freeway drive back to the park.  None of this bothered Lucy.

We had to get up a little earlier today because we had made an appointment for a man to come wash and wax the van.  He showed up at 9:00am and got to work.  Two hours and $150 later we had a very nice clean van.

A little later Barb and Trina and Ben showed up, greeted by a well groomed LaKisha.  Barb and Lucy scurried off to do some laundry.  I was finishing up a little job I had started last night when Trina said,  “Why don’t we cut your hair now?” This was not a spur of the moment thing.  Trina had graciously agreed to cut mine and Lucy’s hair while we were in San Antonio. If you have seen any pictures of me recently, you will know that this was a needful thing.  So we set up outside the van.  I threw a towel over my shoulders and she went to work.  She did a fabulous job, as you will see in some later photos.  When Lucy and Barb returned, Trina cut Lucy’s hair while I finished my little job.  I also trimmed up my beard because children kept asking me for toys and I was getting sick of it.  After that Barb and Trina and Lucy jumped in Trina’s car and sped away in search of pedicures and manicures and such.  Ben and I were left to fend for ourselves.  We played some games and killed some flies and drank some pop and had a good old time while the women were away.  The girls returned sporting pretty toes and fingers.  Trina sprung for some burgers and fries and such for lunch and all in all it was a fun and productive day.  We made our plans to spend tomorrow at the River Walk and Barb and Trina and Ben left for their hotel.  We are hearing stories of possible thunderstorms and rain and even hail tonight.  We are hoping the weather does not postpone our day of fun tomorrow.

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