The River Walk, San Antonio, Texas

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It rained and stormed all night and we were sure it would ruin our plans to spend the day at The River Walk.  But at about 10:00 am Barb called to say they would be picking us up soon.  She said it was nice downtown and we should go on with our plans.  So Trina and Barb and Ben picked us up and off we went.  It was already nearly lunchtime when we arrived at their hotel so we decided to head for The River Walk and find a restaurant.  That was not difficult.  There are lots of restaurants on this walk.  We walked for awhile enjoying the cool air and the sites and sounds of this amazing environment.  Soon we came upon a restaurant which Barb had remembered from a previous trip.  It was called Casa Rio, which is Spanish for River House.  The food was excellent and the service was fast and friendly.  If you like Mexican food I recommend it.  I am told by two ladies who shall remain anonymous that the Margaritas are also quite good, especially the Grande Margaritas.

I am going to allow the photos to speak for the beauty and charm of this 2 mile stretch of the San Antonio river, but there are a couple of interesting facts that bear mentioning.  The River Walk was begun as a flood control project as the city was often flooded by the river.  It was conceived in 1929 and completed in 1938, much of the work being done by WPA workers.  From there it has grown and developed into the most popular tourist attraction in Texas.  Construction is ongoing and soon this 2 mile stretch will become a 13 mile stretch.  I for one plan to return to see it when that happens.

We walked maybe as much as a mile and decided to take one of the boat tours we saw going up and down the river.  We found the starting point, bought some tickets and away we floated.










This is an open air theater in which the stage is on one side of the river and the seating is on the other side.  It is part of The Villita, which is the oldest commercial parts of the River Walk.

I should mention at this point that nearly all of the photos in my blogs are taken by Lucy with her iPhone 4s.  It is difficult to take a photo of Lucy because she is always taking the photos, so sometimes I just photograph her in her natural habitat, taking photos.










On occasion, Lucy will become a bit obsessed with getting the perfect photo of some object or scene or animal or bird.  for example, this duck photo is the result of Lucy’s persistence.  If you can’t get the shot standing, you have to try to get closer to the level of the duck.










If that doesn’t work you must try to gain the trust of the duck by attempting to look like a duck.

This building as seen from a certain angle as you emerge from beneath a bridge appears to be just a free standing brick wall.  It was a pretty amazing optical illusion that the photo did not quite catch.  You need to see it in person.

Below are a few more San Antonio sights not necessarily associated with the River Walk.

This is the largest cypress tree in Texas. It is 350 years old and 9 stories high.And a perfect ending to a great day.


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