San Antonio River Walk Two

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The San Antonio River Walk was so fascinating to us that we decided to walk it again.  This time we did not take the boat.  We walked the full loop on one side of the river and then we walked it again on the other side.  It amounts to about a 4 mile walk.  Now 4 miles is not really a terribly long walk but there are tons of stairs up and down.  There is a lot to see, so you don’t walk fast.  We had lunch at a very nice Italian Restaurant and altogether we were on the walk for about 4 hours.  It was a fun and tiring day.  We walked and ate and took lots of photos.  This post is going to be mostly photos.  There are a couple of photos that you will have seen before.  That is because we were able to get a better shot at it on our second trip.

This first duplicate is the building we talked about that presents an optical illusion.

The second duplicate is the amphitheater.  The first time around we took it in two separate shots.  This time we climbed the stairs on the seating side and took a photo that took in the whole thing.

The rest are just the photos we thought were the best of the lot.  Enjoy:

It looks like a pole is holding this tree up, but the pole is just a sign pole behind the tree.

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