Three Days of Work in the Sun

Friday, March 2, 2012

Not much to write about today.  I worked about 11 hours.  It was hot and humid, but there was a little breeze, so we stayed in the shade and survived.  Our space is right next to a little creek which I’m told is an excellent breeding ground for mosquitos.  And indeed there are mosquitos about sundown.  We were told that there are also no-see-ums around here.  I have not seen any, but I guess that’s the point.  I think it is mostly psychological.  I was just fine until they told me about the things, and not I keep feeling little things landing on me, but I can’t see-um.  The real name for them is Biting Midges.  They are about 1/8 inch long and have the same effect on humans as mosquitos, but they are stealthier.  Apparently, there are 47 species of these critters in Florida.  Now they tell me!  Anyway ever since I learned about these things I resemble an Eastern Monk practicing self flagellation.

The park is very nice and almost everyone we have met has been the result of us walking LaKisha or people walking by the van and seeing LaKisha.  She is always a big hit.  Everyone loves her.  Well almost everyone.  We did get called down once for walking down a non-pet street.  Apparently there are 4 streets on which pets are allowed and certain routes you must follow when you walk your pet.  Stray from that route and you will suffer the wrath of a lady, whom I have dubbed “The Dog Lady”.  I suppose “The Non-Dog Lady” or “The Dog Police” might be more appropriate, but the name is stuck in my mind now and there is no changing it.

The one little peeve I have about this park is that there is only one place to empty your trash and it is about a 15 minute walk from our space.  Now 15 minutes does not seem like too much to ask once a day so I can’t complain too loudly, maybe just a meek little “well heck I have to walk to the dumpster again”, will have to suffice.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Well we had some scary excitement in the middle of the night. About 3:00am, I was awakened by a sound I have never heard before and it was obviously coming from inside the van.  I cannot describe the sound adequately.  It was like a loud crying or moaning, but inhuman sounding. I bolted up and touched Lucy and asked her what the noise was.  It frightened her too and she let out a yell.  It was pitch dark, but Lucy had the good sense to turn on the light above our heads.  It was then apparent that it was LaKisha making the noise at the foot of the bed on the floor.  We tried to figure out what was wrong, but she was right in the isle and we could not get up without stepping on her and she could not seem to move.  All kinds of terrible possibilities ran through our heads.  Was she choking on something?  Was there some kind of horrible creature from hell latched to her throat? I bent over as far as I could and it looked like her head was stuck to the floor.  Finally Lucy was able to maneuver around and get to her head.  As it turned out she had somehow gotten her collar stuck on the knob of a little drawer at the foot of the bed.  The more she pulled on it the more the drawer came out and made it tighter around her neck.  Lucy was able to quickly free her.  She stopped making the noise, jumped up on the bed and started wagging her tail and looking at us as though nothing had happened.  We were shaken pretty badly.  It took us a long time to go back to sleep.  We were happy and grateful and relieved  that LaKisha was okay, but, as Lucy put it, we had experienced too many emotions in too short a time.  And that sound!  Even now as I write this, knowing what the sound was, the memory of it raises the hair on my arms and makes the back of my neck tingle.  We finally got back to sleep and had an uneventful remainder of the night.  LaKisha is fine except for a little scrape on her nose.  We have implemented a new policy.  We now take her collar off at night or when we have to leave her alone in the van.  We keep thinking what could happen if we were gone 2 or 3 hours and she had a similar problem.

I worked again today and Lucy did laundry.  We have decided to unhook and go out to eat tonight.  Lucy also got a few photos of this park.

This is across the street from our van space.

Well we went out and found a Mexican restaurant called Estella’s.  It was average as restaurants go, but I was impressed by one thing.  I ordered a Chili Relleno and they asked me if I wanted it authentic or regular. I have had both and prefer authentic, but have never had anyone offer both.  It was excellent and the service was great.  It was fast and came with smiles.  Lucy had shrimp tacos and loved them.  Both our meals turned out to be more than we could eat at a single meal.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Worked again today while Lucy puttered and crocheted and walked LaKisha.  When we went to bed last night it was very hot and humid and we both had a bit of trouble sleeping.  At about 1:00am it finally cooled down enough to sleep.  Then about 4:00am we had a thunderstorm that woke us with the rain and wind and lightening.  I slept through most of it, but Lucy and LaKisha gave me a blow by blow this morning.  I am originally from Kentucky and so thunderstorms seem like a common occurrence and no big deal.  That is not the case for Lucy.  She did not have a good night.  She is an Oregonian and thunderstorms are rare for her.  I have a feeling she will get quite accustomed to them over next couple of months. We slept late and by the time we were up and about it was sunny, but much cooler and, aside from the rather strong wind, very pleasant.

While I worked today, one of the things Lucy did was walk down to the little lake you see in the photos.  There are lots of turtles in that lake and, by chance, they like oyster crackers, which is the one thing they have in common with Lucy.  So Lucy grabbed her stash of oyster crackers and headed for the lake.  She would toss a cracker or two in the lake and the turtles would come up and snap them up.  It turns out that there are some little fish in that lake that also love oyster crackers and they would come to the surface to feed as well.  As luck would have it there are also some large white birds at the lake and their favorite food seems to be the little fish that jumped for the crackers.  While the little fish was trying to have a cracker, the bird would swoop down and have himself a little fish.  So in effect, Lucy was feeding the turtles and the birds.  The only ones having a bad day were the little fish. C’est la vie.

Another little friend showed up to see what all the excitement was about.

The turtles are not striped, just in the shadow of the railing.

I completed the last of the projects today so we will be heading south again tomorrow morning.  I have a couple more jobs coming toward the end of next week, but it looks like we have a few days to just travel and see the sights.

The wind kept blowing over the flowers, so I tied them to the post.

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