Work Days

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I worked all day today, while Lucy took a trolley tour of Savannah. She had a good time and came home tired. I think she may write about it later.

This park is nice. It is in the forest with a lake. We are told there are Alligators in the lake, but we have not seen one yet. There are ducks, geese, swans, and egrets in the lake.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Worked again today, while Lucy puttered and worked on her photo books and such.

We took a walk this afternoon. As we walked beside the lake we came upon a swan sitting on the bank. He was just sitting there and I think we must have disturbed his solitude. He stood up to leave and it seemed like he was really struggling to get up and walk. It made me think of how I feel when I have been sitting too long in one place and get up to walk. Painful. He seemed to be an old swan also because his coloring was a little off. Anyway we watched him struggle to the lake’s edge and walk into the water. At that moment a profound change occurred. As she swam away, she was no longer awkward, but extraordinarily graceful. She swam easily and with great poise and beauty. She was in her element. A rippled reflection of her beauty followed her out to meet with her fellow swans and they began to interact as swans will.

As I write, I realize that my perception of this swan changed as well. You may have noticed that in my mind this swan went from a decrepit old man to a graceful and beautiful woman, comfortable and confident in her element.






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1 Response to Work Days

  1. Dee Curry says:

    Swan medicine can help us see the inner beauty within ourselves and others regardless of outer appearances. Thanks for the photos! Dee

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