Charleston South Carolina

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Got up early this morning and finished our morning chores in record time.  We jumped into our rental car and took LaKisha to the groomers and doggie day care.  We had arranged that for today so that we could go explore Charleston.  The weather has been very warm and we could not leave LaKisha in a hot car.  She also needed grooming very badly.

The first place we went was Boone Plantation.  It is a pre-Revolutionary war cotton and rice plantation.  We thought it might be a couple of hours.  It was closer to five hours. First we walked down along the slave houses.  There are nine brick ones in front of the main house.  These were for the special slaves, like house servants, nannies, or those with trades like carpenter or blacksmith.  It seems the plantation owners enjoyed showing off their wealth, and the more special slaves and slave houses you had, the wealthier you were perceived to be. The field hands lived in wood slave houses in the back. Those houses did not survive.  This plantation, at it’s height, had 2000 acres and more than 200 slaves.  We sat and listened to a thirty minute presentation about the Goulah Geechie culture that grew out of the slave population in the low country.  It was fascinating to me and was the high point of the tour.  It gave me a taste of a history I know very little about.  I intend to learn more at my first opportunity.  I think the high point for Lucy was the tour of the house.  

After the Boone Plantation tour it was getting a bit late so we headed straight for Stephen’s and Maggy’s shop and Old Charleston.  The shop is called The Old Charleston Ghost Shop.  It seems that Charleston is a hotbed of hauntings.  This shop has all kinds of books and paraphernalia about ghosts and other paranormal/supernatural/religious things.  I found it quite interesting and fun to browse.  We bought a book and a clock.

We had a meal at a nearby Irish Pub, walked through the open air market and exhausted, headed for the groomer to pick up LaKisha and then back to the van.  It was a full, fun, and tiring day.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today was pretty much a travel day.  We tried to hug the coast line as much as possible.  That is actually not easy to do in South Carolina.  Like Georgia, the coast is mostly marsh lands.  It is actually interesting to see all the docks from houses running out into the marsh to a little channel where a boat can take them to other larger channels and eventually to the sea or to a big river.  When you do have a stretch of beach it is crowded with hotels and/or houses.  You are lucky to get the occasional glimpse of ocean between them.  We drove up the coast to a town called Georgetown.  As we were approaching, Lucy and I had a little discussion about how that town got it’s name.  We were unsure if it got the name from George Washington or from King George.  Considering that it is a town founded before the Revolutionary War we surmised that it was most likely King George.  It never occurred to us that it may have been George Smith, the owner of the town hardware store.  We stopped for breakfast at a little restaurant called Deborah’s Kitchen.  We had a very nice breakfast and a fascinating conversation with an older lady named Ms. Marybelle.  Ms. Marybell was the mother of Deborah and came in on occasion to help her daughter with the cooking.  She was in the kitchen making an apple salad when she heard there were some travelers in the restaurant, so she came out to introduce herself. She assured us that the town was named for King George.  She also had some good advice about what we should see while in Georgetown. We took some of her advice and drove around the old harbor section of town. It was beautiful.

We drove on through Myrtle Beach and crossed into North Carolina.  We actually got our first little taste of driving the outer banks.  We drove to a small town called Southport and took a 30 minute ferry ride across the Cape Fear River to Fort Fisher.  From there we drove to Wilmington where we found yet another Walmart willing to put us up for the night.

And that is where I sit, bruising a bit more of that single malt scotch that Maggy insisted I take with me.  She said if I did not take it, it would sit in her liquor cabinet until I visited again.  That could be years, so I agreed to take it.  I will make good use of it.  Tomorrow the outer banks of North Carolina.  We are excited.

And I write as I sip.  Life is good.  C’est La Vie. 

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1 Response to Charleston South Carolina

  1. Mike Weaver says:

    Hey guys just took a second to check up on you. Your post started off talking about rental car and I instantly said “what tha???” so I had to go back and catch up on some posts. Absolutly love the write up on “to car or not to car” I can relate so much to it ha ha.Glad they took the car back with now problems. hope you keep having fun and stay safe.

    Mike W

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