Virginia Beach

Monday, March 26, 2012

This RV park is very nice as you will see from the photos.  It is off season for them so it is not crowded. It is called Holiday Travel Park.  They have lots of sites, maybe 900. Most of them are sand and grass, but they have a section of premium sites that have level concrete pads and very nice tables and a patio.  Our space is right on the end so there was no danger of a neighbor on one side, and as I said they are not full so we had no neighbor on either side.  Another great thing about it being off season is that this premium site cost about what a regular site will cost in season.

There are not nearly as many birds here for Lucy to photograph, so she went for the big game again.  There is a Naval Air Station nearby and military jets were coming and going all day.  Thankfully they did not fly at night.

We saw what we could of Virginia Beach, but the weather has turned off cooler and there was fog over the beach and the river. The cooler weather is nice for a change, but we were hoping for a less drastic change.  We went from 90 deg. and very humid in North Carolina one day, to 75 deg. and humid the next day, to thunderstorms in the night and now 55 deg. and forecasts of lower 40’s tonight.  I know I said in an earlier blog that we were looking for warmer weather, but upper 80’s and humid is more than we bargained for.  We prefer the 70’s and partly cloudy.  I guess we are just too hard to please.

The people around here are very serious about their fishing.

So we rested up today and I did our taxes.  LaKisha(Biscuit) was stationed on guard duty again keeping the squirrels at bay. We are ready to be on the road again.  We will be spending a few days exploring Virginia and then a side trip to West Virginia to see my sister Brenda and then Kentucky to see my other two siblings, Robert and Dee, and their families.  After that we will head back to Virginia and continue up the east coast.

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