Running Back To The Coast

Monday, April 16, 2012

In my last post I noted that Ohio seemed pretty flat. And it did seem flat as we drove north from Cincinnati toward Columbus.  We noticed a bit of a hill as we turned east and the park we stayed in was on a hill, but for the most part, the Ohio we had experienced thus far was relatively flat.  When we left our little hill today, we went down to the town of Zanesville, headed east and never saw another flat spot in Ohio or Pennsylvania.  It could have been Kentucky or West Virginia.    It was up and down constantly.  The only thing really different was that in West Virginia and Kentucky the trees were very green even at the higher elevations.  In Pennsylvania at the higher elevations the trees were mostly still bare. 

We try to avoid the freeways when we can so we headed across country on little county and state roads.  It was fun, but it would have taken us a week to get to Philadelphia at the rate we were going.  I scoured the map for some principal highway that would take us east but was not a freeway.  There do not appear to be any of those.  So we sighed in resignation and headed for I-70. We need not have worried about being on a freeway because as soon as we got to Pennsylvania, I-70 turned into I-76 and changed from a freeway to a pay-way.  We had to go through a toll plaza where we were given a ticket.  When we got off that highway about 200 miles later the bill was $30.50.  It was an interesting road.  Four times we went under a mountain through a tunnel.  In all we drove about 4 miles under the Appellation Mountains.  

We finally pulled into a KOA Campground about 45 miles west of Philadelphia.  Here we will stay at least 2 days, maybe 3 days until I finish another project.  After that we intend to see the sights in Philadelphia before heading on up the coast.

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