Cape Cod, Maine

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Got up this morning, did our chores and headed out.  The plan was to get to Cape Cod or near it and then see Cape Cod tomorrow.  We drove out of New York, into Connecticut, through Connecticut, and into Rhode Island.  We found a Walmart in Rhode Island. Lucy’s phone app said it was a 24 hour Super center.  When we arrived we discovered that it was not a Super Center and not open 24 hours.  It would have been okay to stay there, but when they are not open 24 hours, they do not have security at night and we do not feel comfortable sleeping there.

Before I move on I want to say something about Connecticut.  You know how you get a picture in your mind of a place?  I suppose you form your picture from TV or movies or things you hear.  I think I said that New Jersey was not at all what I was expecting, but Connecticut was exactly how I pictured it.  Large dirty cities, separated by beautiful wooded hills and countryside. Rhode Island went by so fast that I did not have time to think about it.  It is very small anyway and a big part of it is taken up by Narraganset Bay.

We decided not to stay at this Walmart.  Lucy’s app told us there was another one at the west end of Cape Cod.  A couple more hours of driving and we would be there.  If we could have driven straight up the coast line it would have been a 45 minute drive, but you have to go around that bay.  So we drove most of the state of Rhode Island in the dark. There are lots of bridges in Rhode Island and some of them look pretty cool at night.  When we arrived at the end of Cape Cod it was midnight.  We made the assumption that there would be plenty of fueling opportunities there so we did not worry about it.  When the gauge said we were down to a tenth we started looking for a station.  Everything was closed.  We just kept driving toward our destination watching for open stations that sold diesel fuel.  We found one open but they had only gas.  Just before panic set in we found a station that sold diesel and was open.  Bullet dodged. So we drove on to the new Walmart.  Lucy’s app was wrong again.  It was not open 24 hours.  We decided it was too late to go on so we slept lightly and got up early.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy 11th anniversary to Harvey & Lucy.  I bought Lucy a new thumb ring with a little diamond in it and Lucy bought me a new pocket knife. We are both very happy with the gifts, but mostly with each other.  Here is evidence which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were meant to be together.  We have been living together now for 4 months in a 168 square foot space, and we are still speaking to one another in civil tones.

Cape Cod is an “L” shaped peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean from the southern shores of Massachusetts. It is an interesting drive mostly because of the history.  It is really a lot like other coastal areas.  Lots of really quaint towns and beaches.  We saw one little town which was established in 1629.  We drove the full length of it, maybe 60 miles to Provincetown at the end.  Provincetown was fun, or would have been fun if there were a place to park the beast.  There was not.  There are lots of restaurants and coffee houses and bars and shops that we would have loved to visit.  But the streets were barely wide enough to drive the van through and every available place to part was occupied. In that regard it was similar to Key West. One day we will return on an airplane and have a room in town and walk to the shops.  But not today.  So we drove back the way we came.  We did stop in another small town and had fish and chips.  Now we can say we had cod on Cape Cod.

Now it was time to head north again.  We drove through the remainder of Massachusetts, including Boston, into and through a little corner of New Hampshire and a few miles into Maine.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  We had no plans to stop in Boston.  We are not terribly fond of large cities.  But it is Boston, so we decided to drive through it on the freeway which goes through it instead of the one that goes around it. That is I-93.  Well as we approached it we saw an amazing skyline and we kept getting closer and closer.  It looked like the freeway was going to go right downtown, but it did not appear that there was room for a freeway between these buildings.  Suddenly we knew why as the highway plunged beneath the city of Boston.  I really mean it.  This 6 lane highway just tunneled under these huge buildings.  And in the tunnel, there were other lanes merging presumably from other tunnels. It was only 1.5 miles long but to me it was an amazing feat of engineering.  I intend to read up on tunnel engineering when we get home.  So we emerged from that tunnel onto a bridge, made a couple of turns and saw the skyline from the other side, then back onto the lower level of a double decker bridge.  Lucy described it as a carnival ride.  As we were driving, it was impossible not to think of the skyscrapers siting above on the ground through which this tunnel was dug.

So on to New Hampshire.  We actually just touched a little corner of this state, but there was something very peculiar here.  It seems that New Hampshire has very little tax on alcoholic beverages and they are very proud of that fact.  They also are one of the states which controls the sale of these beverages by only selling liquor in state owned stores.  That’s not unusual.  Lots of states do that including our home state of Oregon.  Here is the difference.  Just after we crossed the New Hampshire border, we saw a big sign, one of those big, over the road, reader board type signs.  This sign was inviting everyone to visit the state run liquor super store at the next exit.  In fact the next exit was exclusively for that store.  You get off the freeway and get back on like a rest area.  And the store was huge.  And the store was crowded.  Ironically, just as we got back onto the freeway there was another sign, much smaller, warning of the dangers of drinking and driving.  We followed that highway north through the state and just before we left New Hampshire there was another sign and another big store. C’est la Vie.

We are going to be traveling through the northern portion of New Hampshire on our jaunt west so perhaps there will be something more to say about it then.  We are now at a KOA at a place called Saco Maine.  It is cold here and the weather man says it will be cold a few more days and snow to the north, so we need to decide if we really want to go farther north before heading west.

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3 Responses to Cape Cod, Maine

  1. Therese & Bob & Tater Gall says:

    Hey, guys….you are making TIME !!!!! I see where you are now, and just wanted you to know that the door is OPEN and the bed (king) is MADE, and if you get near us (between AnnArbor and Detroit off of M-14)(Plymouth) you are MORE than WELCOME to stop in for a bed and meal (can’t guarantee the meal, as I am NO PaulaDeen!)

  2. IONE says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, You two. Be very careful, This weather is so unpredictable.

    • Hi Ione,

      Actually we are revising our route a little to stay in better weather and also because we are tired and ready to be home.


      Harvey Childers 777 College Park Dr SW #56 Albany OR 97322 Voice 541-971-2753 Fax 888-885-5489

      Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, refrains from giving wordy evidence of the fact.

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