Vermont, New York

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Got up early this morning, did our chores and headed for the Green Mountain National Forrest.  It covers about half of this part of Vermont.  It is just a mountain, a pretty mountain with winding roads and lots of rivers and streams.  We have seen so many mountains in the eastern part of the country that one more was not a big deal.  Vermont is known for, among other things, maple syrup.  We stopped at a little shop and bought some maple syrup.(don’t tell my doctor)

Our plan for today was to cross Vermont and most of New York and get within range of Niagara Falls by tonight.  It took very little time to cross Vermont, but New York was a little different. It is one of the larger of the small states.  We drove for about 9 hours today and we are beat. New York is very hilly.  We are still avoiding freeways so we took US 20 most of the way across.  The hills are quite large and US 20 goes straight up one side and down the other.  These hills are also home to some of the most beautiful farm country you are likely to see anywhere, as well as lots of lakes.  US 20 also goes through all of the little old quaint towns and villages.

We arrived at a little park at which we had previously made reservations, at just before dark.  We will stay here just tonight and see Niagara Falls tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Vermont, New York

  1. Carol Vincent says:

    Hope your weather was good for the falls!
    Bill and I are in Stockton, TX. We left yesterday for six months, heading for Florida then up the coast. We are enjoying your journey! We are both seeing this great land!
    Carol, Bill

  2. Therese, Bob & Tater says:

    So good to see you three today! … glad the “kidz” had a good time! Here’s a link to what you missed at SPI !
    Safe travels the rest of the way home !!!!!

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