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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

After our morning chores this morning we headed for Plymouth MI, near Detroit to visit some friends we met at South Padre Island in Texas.  We had a lot of traveling planned for the day so we just stayed a couple of hours and visited while LaKisha and Tater played non-stop.  Tater is a small lab mix who lives with our friends.  Her and Lakisha hit it off immediately in Texas and again today. 

They both looked very sad when we left.

After that we drove across Michigan and then south to Indiana, west and north to Chicago and through Chicago

ttp://” rel=”attachment wp-att-1112″> The Sears Tower With Its Head In The Clouds

[/caption]to Beloit Wisconsin There we had dinner with a friend from Oregon who had moved here.  His name is Dan and he once worked as an electrician with the firm for which Lucy worked twenty years.  We had a very enjoyable dinner at a place called Road Dawg. It was okay.  Lucy had salmon and Dan I had a steak. Lucy liked her salmon, my steak was adequate. There was much catching up and there were a couple of adult beverages around.  A good time was had by all.

Dan left for home in a town called Lake Geneva, Lucy and I headed for the Walmart Arms right down the block to end a busy  but pleasant day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

As we were leaving town this morning I noticed a white Ford pickup that seemed to be following us.  It brought back memories of the thousands of white pickups, driven by border patrol agents which we encountered in Arizona.  I don’t think they were following us, but there were so many that it seemed like we were being dogged. When I pulled up into a parking lot, the truck pulled up next to us and it was Dan.  He had been working and saw the van and wanted to say goodbye again.  We left Beloit WI this morning with a goal to get to Minnesota and a KOA early enough to get hooked up and do laundry before American Idol comes on.  I also had a little job to finish.  Well we got here and hooked up the van.  Lucy got the laundry started while I worked on my project.  There was a little glitch, though, American Idol starts an hour earlier here.  So we watched and worked and watched and worked.

The drive on both days was pretty long and tiring.  The countryside was beautiful rolling farm land.  Dairy farms dominated with big red or white barns and large hay fields.  Also lots of trees and rivers and lakes.  Lakes: I read that Wisconsin has 15,000 lakes.  I think we saw 14,999 of them today.  There are lakes everywhere.  Big lakes, medium lakes, small lakes, tiny lakes, wow that is a lot of lakes.

I have decided to write a book.  I already have the title selected.  It will be called, “Seeing American Through a Haze of Yellow Bug Innards”.  I already have lots of photos to include.

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