Running For Home

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Well we got up this morning with no agenda except to get home as soon as possible.  So we drove north and west out of Wisconsin and into Minnesota.  We drove about 500 miles and stopped at a KOA near Minneapolis.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

During the night it stormed with lightning, thunder, wind, and rain.  It was severe and when we got up this morning we had to do the outside chores in puddles.  Today we drove all the way to Bismarck North Dakota and found another KOA.  Both Minnesota and North Dakota are beautiful rolling green farm country. It is quite cold here and we are thankful for the electrical hook-up.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Today we tried to get an early start.  We wanted to get well into Montana.  We ended up driving more than 600 miles and stayed in a Walmart parking lot in Butte.  Montana started out looking much like North Dakota, but gradually changed, first to prairie, then to high desert, then to mountains.  We began hearing reports of snow and other bad weather to the north so we made the decision to take a little more southerly route from Butte.   

Saturday, May 5, 2012

We left Butte this morning at 9:00 am.  The desire to be home is growing stronger and stronger.  When we left, Lucy said, maybe just tongue in cheek, ”take me home”.  I was not sure it was possible, but I accepted the challenge.  We bought sandwiches and snacks and beverages before we left in an effort to limit the necessity to stop.  We drove south into Idaho, hit highway 20 out of Idaho Falls, drove across Idaho and into Oregon.  We actually made it to Burns, OR just before dark. We got takeout at a surprisingly good Chinese restaurant, ate quickly and took off again.  It was at this point that I knew it was very possible for us to get home tonight.  We had crossed the Rocky Mountains, but we still had a mountain range to cross. Because of our route, the Rockies were relatively easy, but the Cascades may be a different story.  The main pass after Sisters OR was okay.  It got cold up there, but the roads were clear and dry and mostly deserted.  When we got past the main pass we were relieved and thought the worst was behind us.  From there to home, there are a couple of highway options.  You can stay on 20 and that is a little shorter, but having taken that route often, we decided that highway 22 to Salem would be better.  It is a better road and not as narrow and winding.  So we took 22 even though it is about 30 miles farther.  Now I don’t know how highway 20 faired through the winter, but 22 did not do well.  It was very rough, there was still snow along the sides, it looked wet in places and the temp was below freezing.  A little scary in the middle of the night.  We finally got home about 3:00 am Sunday morning after an 18 hour drive.  We were very happy to be in our home bed in our real bedroom, in our stationary home.  The home that did not rock when I turned over in bed.

I hope none of you are disappointed when you see that the map does not represent a true perimeter route.  After we rest a month or so we plan to begin taking some shorter trips to explore our home state of Oregon.  When we are satisfied that we have thoroughly traveled and seen Oregon, we will begin to branch out to Washington, Idaho, Utah, and others.

So this is the official end of our adventure we called Circling The USA.  We were on the road for 133 days.  We saw 35 states, stayed in Walmart parking lots for 31 nights, stayed with relatives and friends 13 nights, casino parking lots for 18 nights, RV parks for 69 nights.  We found diesel fuel costs from $3.73 to $4.49 per gallon.  We drove a total of 16,280 miles, spent $4,036 on fuel, and $2,336 on RV parks. We met numerous interesting people from a variety of cultures, made a few new friends and had hundreds of unique experiences, which will be forever etched onto our memories.

Stay tuned for other smaller journeys.

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7 Responses to Running For Home

  1. Carol Vincent says:

    Glad to hear your travels went great, with no problems. Can’t wait to chat with you next year!
    Bill and Cartol

  2. mike koslosky says:

    Welcome home and thanks for taking us all along.

  3. Therese, Bob & Tater says:

    WOO HOO !!!!!!!!!!!! Your own BED, your own HOUSE, and I bet Lakisha is happy, too !!!!!!
    CONGRATS on a journey well travelled! Sure enjoyed meeting you in TX and having you here for a ‘break’ !!!! REST, now and then REST some more !!!!

  4. IONE says:

    Amazing story! I’ve been concerned that the northern states would be difficult. Glad to hear you made it with all your fenders. To sound like OZ, There is nothing like home. I am looking forward to a shorter venture, it is just not planned yet. Maybe next year. In the meantime, got to stay healthy enough for travel. Lucy, I keep looking for a fur tree. Guess I will have to visit OR to find one!

  5. Dee Curry says:

    Nice wrap up! It was great following your journey. However, the best part was getting to spend time you both! Love, Dee

  6. hayley says:

    Thanks for the entertaining and interesting reads! I love road trips and we plan to do a smaller one in the US next year. I’m currently in the midst of a few weeks travelling and am being reminded daily how tricky it is to keep on top of a travel diary blog, in amongst all the driving, sightseeing, eating etc. So I think you’ve done really well to do all that plus work on the side. Enjoy the R&R.

  7. Scot says:

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