Seaside & LaConner

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I guess you may have noticed that I have not written a post in quite a while.  Since mid May when we arrived home from our circle (modified circle) of the USA, I have not written.  We have been hanging out at home resting and recovering from that trip.  We learned a few things about ourselves as regards traveling.  !. Three months is just at the upper limit of our sanity while living in a 68 sf home on wheels.  2. Walmart is not a very good option for a place to spend the night.  Not that we are not grateful for their hospitality, but it does not feel really safe.  3. If an RV park is $11 an night, chances are we do not want to stay there.  If that makes us snobs, so be it, but we saw some parks that made Walmart’s parking lot look like the Waldorf Astoria.

We decided a trip in the Northwest was due, so we headed out from home on Tuesday Oct 16th about noon. We drove to Seaside, Oregon because my sister Dee and her husband Roger were staying there on a vacation from Kentucky.  We went to their hotel room and drank some wine and watched the presidential debate.  Now I promised a long time ago that I would try to refrain from political comments on this blog, so I won’t tell you how great I think our president did.

After the debate we walked a few blocks down to a little bar and restaurant called Dundee’s.  It was very pleasant and the fish and chips was excellent.  Lucy was not crazy about the clam chowder, but all in all we had a good meal and a great conversation.  We walked back to the hotel and Roger drove us back to our RV park.  Altogether a pleasant afternoon and evening.

I woke up early on Wed the 17th and did a very small job before Lucy got up.  Our original plan was to go to the Olympic Peninsula and walk out to the end of the trail at Cape Flattery.  You may recall that we wanted to do that at the beginning and/or the end of our Circling the USA trip, but it did not work out either time.  It looks like we will have to wait till next summer for that adventure.  As it turned out we needed to be in a bit more populated area so that we could find a place to get some work done on the van.  We have a few minor problems, which together, become quite annoying.  1. Our gas furnace will not start up and heat.  This is not a major problem in itself because we have a heat pump that we can use when we are at a park with electrical power, but it limits our options of places we can stay. 2. We are experiencing some battery problems which we need to resolve for the same reason.  Without a good battery we can only stay at places with electrical hookups.  3. We have a little alarm which detects LP gas leaks.  Lately it has been sounding off, usually at 3:00 am, without any obvious reason.  There does not appear to be a leak.  We need to get this checked out. It is a very annoying alarm sound and we want to be certain that there is not a leak which we have not detected by other means.  So we took off and drove a good part of the day to get to a place called LaConner WA where we will be staying 3 days while we work on getting the van back up to par. We arrived after dark and parked for the night.

So we are in a park near LaConner WA, and we have an appointment at an RV service center at 8:30 am tomorrow.  We drove to a place called Burlington WA where we found a place to work on the van. Burlington is only about a 20 minute drive from our location.  We got back to our RV park early afternoon in time to take a stroll on the rocky beach about 30 feet from the back window of the van.  What a beautiful place this is! We are backed up to a rocky beach on the Puget Sound.  Looking out over the water we can see a small island quite close and then the coast of Whidbey Island in the distance.  I hope the pictures can show the extreme beauty of this place.  We walked about half mile or so up the beach and then back.  LaKishsa ran back and forth as we walked and appeared to be having a wonderful time.  It was not raining, but there was the usual drizzle for this time of year in this part of the country.  It was not at all unpleasant as you might think in these conditions.  The temp was probably in the mid 60’s and as we walked we were very comfortable.  If there was any discomfort, it was far outweighed by the beauty of the surroundings and so we did not notice.

This is our back yard

Harvey and LaKisha romping on the beach

The perfect setting for a glass of Riesling

A view from the rear window

It is dark now and we are inside enjoying a nice diner along with an adult beverage, while we listen to a light rain patter on the roof.  This seems the perfect conditions to curl up with a snifter of brandy and a good book.  And so I think I will.  Good night.

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1 Response to Seaside & LaConner

  1. Carl Vanhuss says:

    Welcome Back Looks like a great place to stay, also good luck on getting the Van fixed

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