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This blog is a travel log for a journey which Lucy, Harvey and Lakisha are about to embark upon. The journey will consist mainly of circumnavigating the lower 48 states of the USA. Lucy and I have been planning this adventure for more than a year. We will be traveling in a Sprinter van modified by Winnebago to create a small motor home. We will begin at the north-westernmost corner of the lower 48 on the Makah Indian Reservation at a place called Cape Flattery near the village of Neah Bay. From there we will head south until we get to the Mexican Border at which point we will head east and south until we reach Key West. From there we turn north and head for Maine at which point we will turn west and go until we get back to Neah Bay to end our journey. Along the way we will be taking inland jaunts at various places to see some points of interest. We hope to learn as much as possible about the history, culture, and food of the places we visit. In this way we will have a true cross section view of this great and diverse land we inhabit. The journey will begin in January of 2012. I will be posting weekly blogs about our preparations until then and hope to post daily when the adventure begins. I assume there will be places along the way where there is no internet access and so the updates may be interrupted from time to time. Please follow along and feel free to comment whenever you feel the urge. We are also anxious to hear suggestions of places to visit along the way.


Harvey & Lucy

6 Responses to Front Page

  1. remso says:

    That is not what I expected. Very nice. Have a nice trip, and Merry Christmas.

  2. Wendy Steele says:

    Hello there! Mom and I are having dinner together and reading your blog! So glad to know you are having a good time! Take care you two!

  3. Judy Reid says:

    if you haven’t already named the RV, how about “The Casino Magnet”? That is our vote!

  4. Darlene says:

    Hello, Sounds like you are having a great time! I saw Joan Remington yesterday at Arby’s in Corvallis. Hope you are seeing all the sights in San Antonio and let me know how Trevor’s graduation went. This should be one awesome adventure for the two of you! ! Have a safe trip and have fun! ! Darlene

  5. Dan says:

    Hey Guys, was great to see you and spend a little time catching up. Thanks and we will see you again! Safe travels home!

  6. says:

    There is an amazing bonus for victory.

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